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June 1
Implementing Active Learning in Large Classes: Discover What Works for You The key presenters are: Sean Lane, Department of Psychology “Working Together:  Integrating Group Problem Solving into the Classroom”
August 21
Tune in for your success! Learn study strategies, time management, test preparation and other essential skills needed for a successful transition to college.
September 2
Find out about services and programs to help you learn smart and live easy at LSU! (plus there is free food and giveaways)
October 1
Learn strategies that will help you prepare for your mid-terms. Open to all students.
October 20
Offering great tips on how to succeed in Biology and Chemistry after mid-term exams.


"I've been using some of the tools we discussed and it seems to be helping a ton! I got a 95 on my last biology test, and I had a chemistry test today. It was tricky, but I didn't freak out in the middle like usual. Thanks so much for your help!!" (LSU sophomore)

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