Academic Intervention Team

Academic Intervention Team

Provides timely and appropriate intervention for students facing circumstances that may impede their academic success.

We identify students with issues impeding academic progress and intrusively provide an intervention on the student’s behalf based on the student’s unique needs. The committee’s efforts are designed to raise the level of retention and persistence to graduation.

The Academic Intervention Team is part of the LSU Cares network which facilitates community development and student success through providing a mechanism to report situations and students of concern in an appropriate way.  Through providing contact, resources, support, and accountability, LSU Cares allows members of the LSU community to support others in times of need.  Because the success of individuals often depends on the support of others, LSU Cares seeks to encourage the individuals to help one another succeed and to work as a whole to ensure that LSU is a caring, supportive, purposeful, and engaged community.


REPORT:  A Concern about a Student


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