On-Campus Interviewing Program

February 13, 2017 8:15am to April 21, 2017 4:15pm
LSU Olinde Career Center
LSU Olinde Career Center

The On-campus Interviewing Program (OCI) is a nine-week program managed through Careers2Geaux, which brings employers to campus to interview students for internships and full-time job opportunities. Interviews are held in the LSU Olinde Career Center's Recruitment Center, 258 LSU Student Union.

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OCI Spring 2017 Preselection Dates

OCI Fall 2017 Preselection Dates

On-Campus Interviewing Policy


Instructional video: Using the search agent


Instructional video: Applying for opportunities


Instructional video: Did I get an interview? Verifying status before the interview sign-up period


Instructional video: Signing up for an interview timeslot


Tips & information to assist you in managing the OCI process

  1. You can submit your résumé as early as August 1 for fall interviews and January 1 for spring interviews. The résumé submission deadline will vary depending on the actual interview date. Be sure to refer to the OCI cycle deadlines.
  2. During a 4-week OCI cycle, employers preselect candidates during week two. Most employers email preselected candidates, but you should also check Careers2Geaux on a daily basis to see if you have been chosen.
  3. Preselect sign-ups typically take place Saturday of week two through Thursday of week three. Alternates may schedule beginning Wednesday of week three, should time slots still remain available. Alternates, please note: Being selected as an alternate means the employer has already filled his/her preselection slots but would like to meet with you if an opening becomes available. If you were selected as an alternate, you are not guaranteed an interview. Alternates may select interview times during the "alternate sign-up window" on a first-come, first-served basis, if slots are available.
  4. Interviews are held during the fourth week of the 4-week cycle. Many employers choose to host information sessions the night before their interview date. Be sure to attend any evening presentations hosted by employers you are interviewing with. Presentations will be noted on Careers2Geaux, and are often considered the first part of your interview.




Employer OCI information

NOTE: We have special one-day recruitment programs held on-campus for the Art + Design, Construction and School Professions' industries. Information regarding these events can be found here.


Interviews take place between 8:15 a.m. and 4:15 p.m


LSU Olinde Career Center's Recruitment Center, 258 LSU Student Union




Employer Registration information

To register, contact Courtney Edwards (contact information below). Registrations are accepted based on facility availability on a first-come, first-served basis.


Employers are eligible to participate in the On-Campus Interviewing Program if they are hiring for job opportunities that are currently available. Employers must have a position open (or projected with certainty to be open) in order to interview.

Employers may interview for full-time, degree-required positions as well as internships and co-ops. If your position does not fall within this scope, we encourage you to use our job posting services.


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Courtney Edwards
Assistant Director (Employment Services)
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Blake Winchell
Manager (Job Search)