Online Job Boards

Online Job Boards

After networking, searching for a job online is the most lucrative option for most job seekers. Many companies turn to the web to post their job vacancies so searching online is a great option to find the perfect job. When searching online, it is important to know what type of position or field that one is looking for since the online job search can be so vast. Instead of browsing all of the postings in one particular location, do research in advance to gain knowledge of job titles related to the desired occupation and search for those job titles. This saves time and frustration. The major job boards listed below are great resources, but if you are looking for a specific field or company be sure to check out specific company websites or sites related to your specific career field. 

LSU Olinde Career Center’s Wetpaint Page

For a listing of sites related to specific fields, demographics or locations, take a look at our Wetpaint page, which compiles all the sites that our office finds that may be relevant for our students. The links are broken down into specific categories based on their content and their specific market making it easier to find the perfect site for your tailored job search.   

Louisiana Job Connection - Louisiana Economic Development created this online recruitment website that will match potential job seekers with Louisiana employment opportunities in Baton Rouge and around the state of Louisiana. This website provides an in-depth skills-based job matching platform that will match job seekers with the jobs for which they are most qualified.

Major Job Boards – We consider indeed the best option for generic job board searching since it functions similar to Google. It compiles job postings from other websites, as well as specific company websites, classifieds and industry publications making searching for that perfect job easier. or – Independent websites that companies use for their job postings. Not as broad as Indeed but both are legitimate websites to take a look at when searching online. 


1.    Know what you are searching for. Browsing through 1000’s of job postings looking for the perfect one typically leaves you with no perfect job and a disheartened feeling. Skip the browsing and search for specific jobs. Use sites like the O*Net to research other related job titles for the jobs you are looking for.

2.    Be patient. Put time in every day looking for new postings.  There may not be a job posted today that you find intriguing, but there may be one tomorrow. 

3.    Network! Even though you are searching/applying for jobs online does not mean that networking should stop. When you find a job posted online, take some time to figure out if you are connected with someone at that specific company. Reach out to those contacts before applying, they may have some insight for you. Applicants who do not have contacts at companies are fighting an uphill battle, not an impossible one by any means but still a difficult one.