Company Information Sessions

Company Information Sessions

Many companies host information sessions on the evening prior to their on-campus interviews.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the company you are interested in. The date, time, and location will be noted in Careers2Geaux. If you are participating int the On-Campus Interviewing Program, consider these sessions as the first part of your interview.

If you are unable to schedule an interview through the On-Campus Interviewing portion of Careers2Geaux due to filtering requirements, the evening presentation allows you to meet employers face-to-face, hand them a résumé, and persuade them to interview you the next day. Business casual dress is recommended. This is your chance to make a favorable first impression.

Many evening presentations are held in the LSU Union; notices of evening presentation times and their locations are accessible on Careers2Geaux.

Tips for making the most of an information session

  • Be sure to introduce yourself to the presenter.
  • Pay attention and ask questions.
  • Take notes during the presentation, and refer to them before your interview.