Student Strengths Inventory

Student Strengths Inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Strengths Inventory?
The Student Strengths Inventory (SSI) is a survey that assesses incoming students based on six categories and provides a report to help students identify resources and action items to help make you more successful at LSU.

Why should I do this?
It is required of all first year students – more importantly – this is a tool that can help you during your first year and help get you to graduation.

I’m on my myLSU page and I can’t find the link?
The link isn’t on your myLSU account – but you use your myLSU login and password to log in. The link to the survey is found in your Orientation email. It is also in the “After Orientation” Checklist. If you still cannot find the link to the survey, email us.

Is this the same thing as StrenghtsQuest, I took that in high school?
We know it can be confusing, but no! They are completely different. StrengthsQuest is an assessment that gives you your top 5 strengths as related to leadership but the Student Strengths Inventory is specific to LSU and helping you be successful in your first year.

When do I have to complete the SSI by?
We ask that you complete it as soon as possible, but it must be completed by the due date of fee bills on August 6, 2015. 

Who has access to my report?
Those with access to your report are professional staff members at LSU who will only use the results to provide you with additional assistance.

Can I share my report with my parents/guardians?
It is up to you if you’d like to print a copy of your report with your parents. If you’d like to share it then simply print it out. There is no way to share or give them access to your results electronically.

I’m confused, what login and password am I supposed to use?
You will use the same login and password as your myLSU login. After you click on the link it will automatically pull up the myLSU sign on page and take your directly into your results.

How do I go back and look at my results if I want to view them again?
You can always go back to your results by going to Campus Labs or by going to the original link in your email.